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Jong Bhak's openfree

All the economic crises and principles can be interpreted biologically. An economic system is a biological system that has been around for billions of years.

The energy metabolism, survival, homeostasis, and ecosystem in the world economy can best be analyzed and predicted by biochemistry and bioinformatics.

The totality of economic entities are 'econome'.


Financial system is biological

Economy can be run by biological principles

Energy and information metabolism are the key of economy

Genomics and Economy

Management is a biological problem

Economists need to study biology and genomics to understand economy the best

Stock market is a biological symptom

The future economics system: Bioeconomics system model

What is economics?

The genome of economics

The ATP of economics

The DNA of Economy

Biological simulation models of Economy

The Cancer of Economy

Companies are proteins

Certain companies are tissues

Some companies are organs

The brain of economics

The aging and reproduction of economy

Natual selection of economic entities

Evolution of economic organisms

The omics study of Econome is Economics




Economic crises will keep coming back as long as people do more than they deserve financially:


References and Materials

Technoeconomic analysis of biofuels: A wiki-based platform for lignocellulosic biorefineries Daniel Klein-Marcuschamer, Piotr Oleskowicz-Popiel, Blake A. Simmons, Harvey W. Blanch


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